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We now have a low cost alternative to Viagra® tablets!

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Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra® is now available in a generic

20mg tablet, and it is MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE than Viagra®.

Five 20mg tablets of Sildenafil is equivalent to one 100mg Viagra®.

Price: 50 Sildenafil 20mg (ten 100mg does) $75*

            VS. $385 for ten Viagra® 100mg. 

  • Save Hundreds of Dollars 
  • Easy Dose Titration 
  • NO Tablet Splitting 
  • Discreet Pharmacy Pickup or Convenient mailing option

Note: This is the FDA approved generic of Revatio® 20mg tablet.

The FDA has not approved generic Viagra®, even though the

active ingredient is identical, just in a different strength.

We CANNOT substitute any prescription (or refill) written  for Viagra® without a phone call to the prescriber to get authorization for the following New Rx:

Sildenafil 20mg #50

            Take 2-5 tablets as needed for sexual activity

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